Precision Golf is one of its kind… an indoor driving range and a computer assisted golf club located just outside the Chatswood CBD, the owner invested a lot on the hardware and infrastructure, it is really a nice place to go but the store was not known by many, “even by local people”, as said by its owner. Kupiter worked for Precision Golf as marketing consultant, the KPI is to attract Chinese consumers to the store. We opened a store for the company in SydneyDirect marketplace and using it to register a business to google as “精准高尔夫练习场“ , now people nearby will see the store in google my business, and the search result of keywords related to driving range either in English and Chinese will show Precision Golf as a recommend place.  Now Precision Golf is packed with customers, as said by the owner.

Summary of Chinese Marketing Services:

  • SydneyDirect marketplace for Google my business in Chinese
  • Chinese news paper Ads
  • Google Banner Ads
  • PR to Chinese golfer groups

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