Heinemann – Wechat Official Account

Heinemann is the largest duty free shop in Sydney Airport and the company likes to serve Chinese travellers using Wechat as Chinese is ranked second largest visitors of the Airport.  Kupiter helped to register Heinemann Wechat Official Account (OA) under Heinemann company name and setup the features, define and implement all functional menu tabs and link it with Chinese shopping carts leading to Heinemann official site.

Heinemann Wechat OA is well-structured to enjoy continuous followers growth. It also serves as a cross platform marketing portal which facilitate services to both consumers and tour leaders/guilds for “Click to Collect”, “Click to Shop” .

When WeChat OA integrated with SydneyDirect, it enables contextual commerce that is able to:

  • Engage customers with China social media and Interact with followers with auto-reply or by account operators.
  • Have products in both Chinese and English shopping carts.
  • Bind follower’s Wechat account as SydneyDirect account for cross platform purchasing.
  • Make regular posts for promotion and news.
  • Run Wechat campaigns, such as broadcast to nearby users and shake-shake notification.

Want to have a powerful Wechat Official Account? we can help you to get it up and running in very short time.

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