The Best Practice to build a Bilingual Website

An easy way to expand the market is to become a bilingual ecommerce to cater more customers. When it comes to language selection Chinese is among the first to consider as it is one of the most spoken language in the world.

There are many websites that have bilingual settings with a Chinese view by machine translator. This is not recommended as it will only make the visitors feel the website is unprofessional and disrespectful, so it is better off staying in English or simply adding a google translator button to switch between languages so visitors know to blame the translator rather than the website itself.

Staying in English for your website but using a Chinese marketplace is a good strategy to become ecommerce bilingual, here is the reason:

  • Practically, there is no need to translate every word including the user interface of your website, for most of your targeted Chinese audience are bilingual it is just for their convenience to read in their mother languages, especially concerning products content involving names, ingredient and function are better comprehended when in Chinese.
  • From SEO point of view, google is really weak in supporting bilingual content, google tends to classify a website by its domain, Australian company website is generally indexed in English.
  • Ecommerce marketplace is a new channel for sales and marketing.
  • Chinese marketplace can provide Chinese payment gateways.
  • Chinese marketplace works in conjunction with Chinese social marketing solution, such as WeChat, is the best setup for contextual marketing.

Note that there are hundreds of millions of Chinese people living in English countries, they can be more easy to target than the China domestic market through ecommerce. Kupiter provide bilingual marketplace ready for the Australian companies to tap into. Tplaza is for global Chinese market (AU, USA, Canada, UK), and SydneyDirect is more focused in China market with WeChat store solution.

To support the local business during covid-19 , open an online Chinese shopfront in Kupiter marketplace is free.  Find which marketplace best suit for your business and brand here.

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