China marketplace JD , Tmall vs SydneyDirect

Thinking of launching your business in China? Cross Border E-Commerce (CBEC) would be the best entry model for most Australian brands. In selection of the CBEC marketplace, what are the considerations?

SydneyDirect Chinese Marketplace



WeChat store NO NO Seamlessly integrate with Wechat official account
Who’s marketplace? is the HongKong domain of for worldwide vendors is the Hongkong domain of for worldwide vendors  SydneyDirect focuses on promoting Australian brand products and services to Chinese consumers.
Support language Chinese Chinese English & Chinese
Support currency RMB RMB AUD, RMB, multi-currency interface
Target Market China China Chinese consumers worldwide
Cost to Join USD15,000 security bond +USD1,000 annual fee USD25,000 security bond + USD5,000  annual fee No deposit.
AUD1,990 annual fee.
Alipay yes yes yes
WeChatPay yes yes yes
Paypal no no yes
Translation service NA NA Full-serviced
Traffic Competing with 100K merchants Competeing with 50K merchants Kupiter digital marketing services to lead traffic.
Google Shopping  ADs  no no Yes

Penetrate Chinese market from within

SydneyDirect is the best Chinese marketplace for Australian companies to develop Chinese market start from within Australia with easy steps, it is also a social marketing platform to seamlessly integrated with WeChat in mobile device.  Chinese consumers can bind their Wechat account with one-click to become members. Register your interest now or sign-up directly and Become Vendor.

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There are good reasons why cross border e-commerce is the best entry mode to Chinese market:

  • Legal Aspect: China has stringent, complex regulation for import, and most likely your products are not yet certified to do official import.  It may take over 6 months for a product to obtain its certificate to be qualified for official import.
  • Cost Aspect:  Products that in the CBEC allowed (pre-approval) categories are exempt from normal import tax and GST (17%) and consumption tax (70%). CBEC import model is applicable to a lower rate 60% if need to do custom clearance. CBEC personal parcels under RMB2000/shipment are exempt from custom duties, so it is a great save for consumers to purchase from overseas marketplace.
  • Logistics issue:  Currently in Australia there are some logistics companies competing with each other, shippers will have the privilege to choose from them and use their bonded warehouse service before establishing a Chinese operation to handle these queries.