is a large scale ecommerce that contains more than 150K products from Taiwanese publishers of Books, CD, DVD & Magazine.
We are the world No.1 database of Chinese books which synchronize everyday with all publishers.

Tplaza provide bilingual shopping interface and accepts international payments.
We serve products to deliver worldwide mainly to the bilingual consumers around the world.

Meanwhile Tplaza collected big data legally for remarketing purpose which is able to assist merchants to develop Chinese market.

Tplaza 是針對國際市場的跨境電商平台, 是全世界最大的文創商品雙語網購平台,可使用多國貨幣結賬。


Tplaza 持續進行中的Campaign 有:

  1. USA shopping Ads B2C
  2. UK Shopping Ads B2C
  3. AU Shopping Ads B2C
  4. Dynamic Remarketing campaign
  5. Kupiter B2B campaign


Tplaza 的產品每日Feed到google 目標市場出現